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Sorry it’s been so quiet over here lately. I’ve been engaged in several new projects that are taking up the majority of my time. I don’t have anything to share with you today that I’VE created… but I have something better! Something that OTHER people have created!

Here’s a few articles and videos from around the web that I’ve particularly enjoyed:

First, a good overview of the inherent issues with long distance vMotion. I’ve been doing a deep dive into VMware lately to better understand exactly why it asks for unfun things from the network, like stretched L2. This sums up my feelings nicely:

Long Distance vMotion is a Dumpster Fire by Tony Bourke (he has a lot of other great videos)

Second, a nice whiteboard session into VMware NSX:

VMware NSX Overview by Rob Riker

Third, a good read on the state of BGP as the internet fabric:

BGP in 2016 by Geoff Huston

As far as my latest tinkerings, I’ve had the opportunity to play with a WiFi pineapple by Hak5. It’s a neat little device that lets you launch all kinds of wireless attacks. I don’t plan on doing anything all that nefarious, but I do have several interesting packet captures that I’ll likely be blogging about soon.

As mentioned above, I am working towards the VCP-NV so I can better understand the intricacies of datacenter requirements and how NSX ticks. It’s eye-opening stuff coming from a campus background.

HPE has announced that they are moving away from the Comware product line and on to the Arista line for any datacenter opportunities. That’s a bit frustrating as I spent a great deal of time learning the Comware side of the house, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about Arista. HPE was kind enough to set me up with a free three day boot camp for Arista in the next several weeks; more to come on that.

Finally, I am happy to announce that Edge has invested into a full wireless site survey kit with Ekahau, Metageek, and more! I’ve used these platforms in the past, but I’m taking time to brush back up on them now. Edge is now able to offer full professional predictive surveys, onsite assessments, hybrid surveys, spectrum analysis, and more. Even better, I already have projects to work on. I’m excited to be getting back to the wireless side of things!





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